Huge win for contractors, service companies and human cloud platforms!

The US labor Dept. has announced that professionals working on platforms like Automate America are contractors! This proves that the US government realizes that the future of work is contract work done through online platforms.

The efficiency, cost savings and value add to service companies, contractors and customers is undeniable.

As a contractor these individuals will be paid much more than an employee and they will be able to write off thousands in business expenses every year. Yes, contractors must pay their own health insurance and retirement, but both are complete writeoffs and health insurance is much cheaper for an individual than through a small to mid-size company, therefore, the professional will actually pay less for Health Insurance in the end.

For Service Companies using these platforms to keep their employees billable it is also a huge win!

Before and similar platforms it was hard for contractors and service companies to find work and stay busy, but now these platforms spoon feed the opportunities to these users so that they can focus on their skills, not sales, marketing and accounting.

In today’s economy, no one joins a company as an employee and works there for the rest of their life. Two years is the average job duration for an employee! Now that company processes are more automated, you do not need to work at a company for years to learn the system because the systems are becoming intuitive and it only takes days, not months to learn which makes it easier for companies to bring in the talent as needed. Non-Billable bench time for employees who do not have a project to bill their time to is a relic of the past.

Still, Contracting is not for everyone, some people still need the stability and consistency of direct employment, but with those companies that employ the professionals can still contract employees out when needed!

Contracting is also not for every company. If your business serves an extremely stable market or your internal processes take months to learn, then your company is not a great fit for the gig economy.

But with platforms like that allow companies to contract in when they are over capacity and contract out when their employees do not have work to bill their time to, everyone wins. Now every business can take full advantage of the industrial gig-economy!

For all of us professionals and businesses who work on a project to project basis, this decision by the labor department is a great win!

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NY Times full Article by Noam Scheiber

Tony Wallace, Founder