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What you can expect from our manufacturing community, what we expect from each type of member and how we can help you.

At Automate America, we have created a platform of elite customers, contractors, and service partners into one Manufacturing and Automation community. Because we are elite, we have expectations of those we work with and those we work for. Of course, expectations go both ways, so we also have expectations of ourselves to provide a top-notch platform that curates a free and fair community.

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As a customer of Automate America, you realize the value of being a member of this elite community. By being a customer, you have access to top-quality professionals to get work done. Also, as a customer, we have a degree of expectation to ensure you get the best results.

– Communication

This is the key to making the platform work. Maintaining communication between your company and our team within 24 hours ensures you receive the quality you expect and deserve. Communication with work requests, lining up potential contractors and throughout a job is a key component to making Automate America work for you.

– Contract Follow Through

We understand that you are looking for the best for your bottom line, so you want options. Automate America gives you those options. When you develop a work request and start talking to professionals, the expectation is that we are doing business. Because we offer instantaneous potential, we expect the same from our companies. This means frank and prompt discussion of required purchase orders as well as timely delivery of those purchase orders. The bottom line here is the faster we receive a purchase order, the faster contractors are able to respond and start to work. Of course, proactive rate agreements or purchase orders just speed up the response time to within hours.

– Updates

This goes back to communication. In order for you to achieve the best results, it is important that work requests are both concise and accurate. We understand that needs to change. With that, the expectation is that your work requests are maintained for accuracy.

– Invoice Payment

This is key in any business and Automate America is no different. We provide accurate invoices complete with required receipts. The expectation is that your invoice is paid in a timely fashion per our service agreement. Our team is available to answer any invoicing questions.

Service Partners

Service partners are a key component of Automate America. Whether you are placing engineers or requiring engineers to help with project completion, Automate America provides the right platform.

– Communication

This is a common theme throughout Automate America. It is important that you communicate with us about the status of available engineers and open work.

– Profile Updates

To help ensure your engineers are considered for work requests, maintaining their profile accuracy is key. Updating their skills, competencies, projects worked on and availability calendar is necessary to make sure your engineers are at the top of the list for work requests.

– Work Request Updates

Just with profiles, the accuracy of work requests is another important component to making the site work for you in the best way possible. Work requests need to be complete and accurate. If the nature of your work changes, make sure to make those changes and communicate those changes to our team.

– Getting Contractors to Work

In our realm time is of the essence. We expect that, when you have shortlisted potential matches, you communicate with our team and those matches in a timely fashion. In the contract world, things are fluid and the availability of an engineer can change from one day to the next. Prompt communication is essential to make sure you get the right engineer for your work.

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Contract professionals are the backbone of Automate America. It is our mission to provide options to those professionals, but with that comes certain expectations.

– Profile Updates

The accuracy of your professional profile is a big piece of giving you the options you deserve. Your profile should be complete with your skills, competencies, occupations, and work history. Within that, you want to make sure there is a detailed explanation of those key parts of the profile. Consider your profile your storefront. That is your first impression for a customer who is considering you for a job. The better the profile, the better the chances are for a match.

– Availability

One part of how our community works is automatically matching engineers with work. This is done by matching programming skills with those required, availability, and other components. But, availability is big. If your availability calendar isn’t accurate, you may miss out on an opportunity. Updating that part of your profile has to be automatic.

– Communication

As a second layer of the overall process, our team needs to be able to communicate with you. We respond to our customers, service partners and contractors within 24 hours and, in most cases, the same day. We understand everyone is busy, but we expect the same kind of communication.

– Job Completion

When you are put on a job, you are making a contract with, not only us, but the company using you. This needs to be treated very seriously. You are there to do the job and do it right. If there is an emergency, we understand that, but you need to communicate that to our team and to the company representative on the job site. If you leave a job or fail to report to a job without that communication, your profile will be disabled.

Automate America

We wouldn’t place expectations on others without placing expectations on ourselves. We want to make sure companies, service partners, and contractors get the service they deserve.

– Communication

If you take the time to reach out to us, we have to take the time to respond. Our philosophy is to respond to any communication within minutes. We are available by phone, email, text, and even through the site.

– Delivery of Service

As a customer, you have a job to do and we recognize and respect that. That’s why when you have contracted with either a service partner or contractor, we will make sure you get what you need when you need it. If you aren’t satisfied, contact us, let us know the issue and we will take corrective action.

– Community Involvement

Our community is everything and we want to make sure you are up-to-date on the latest work requests and professional availability. Through our various communication channels – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, newsletters, and the website itself – we will provide you with the most updated information.

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