90 Day Contract to Hire Automation Professionals $0 Placement Fees

Contract to Hire

Often the best option for both the future employee and the hiring company.  Test the waters, at the end of the 90 day contract, if both parties want to continue working together the contract can be extended or a direct employment offer can be made.

$0 Placement Fees

Forvia Faurecia Hella Automate America


Trusted by Forvia, the world’s premier automotive supplier.  Forvia has been extremely successful with contract-to-hire postings and has hired many automation professionals at plants around North America through these agreements.  Forvia makes 1000 different parts for 80 Automotive Customers and half of the cars on the road today have parts made by Forvia.     We are extremely grateful for the work Forvia, May 2023 be your best year yet!

ABB 120 Robotics Automate America

C2H With Automate America

When you post a C2H on Automate America, you get instant access to thousands of automation professionals, but the talent pool is smaller than a standard hourly contract position.  The reason is, many of our professionals prefer to remain contractors, as it is generally better for the customer and professional.  Another cause for the smaller talent pool is that you do not get access to the available engineers at member companies.  Member companies have professionals to do your work, but they do not want you to offer them a job, their pros are only available for Hourly Contracts.  We will still fill your positions, but not as fast or with as many options.

Legacy Industries Automate America

Legacy Industries

The number one integrator in North America chooses Automate America Contract to Hire when they are looking to build their in-house team.  Instead of using head hunters who charge outrageous placement fees, staffing companies who don’t know the industry or their professionals, and instead of expensive job boards that share their job with everyone and let unskilled professionals apply to highly skilled jobs, Legacy Industries trusts Automate America C2H!  Always free and never a placement fee!

Kawasaki Robotics Automate America

How It Works for Customers

Post your contract for what you are willing to pay for the contractor.  We will broadcast it to our network and instantly professionals will apply.  You choose whom you want to shortlist or hire.  We will bill you based on the payment terms and time sheets that you approve weekly.  That’s it!  No fees, subscriptions, or expenses to post, contract, or hire.  We take a small percentage of the pay rate before we show it to the contractors, that’s how we make money.  Need a video or in-person meeting to discuss details and answer your questions?  email us at info@AutomateAmerica.com or text 586-770-8083

How It Works for Professionals

Build a beautiful and complete professional profile because customers choose the profile with the most related experience and skills.  Search Contract to Hire in the link below.  Apply to anything that you like and are qualified for.  When the customer shortlists you, you will get an email, and they may call or email you for a video, phone, or in-person interview.  When they hire you, you will get one last chance to accept or decline.  If you accept, you must show up and perform, if you do not show up or communicate, your profile will be disabled.  After 90 days the customer will either offer you an in-house position or request to extend the current contract to end the engagement.  You will be able to choose when you get paid and we will help you every step of the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the typical customer and professionals questions.

Questions like, What does Automate America Cost?  How Much Should I Pay Programmers? Who pays Who? What Value do I get from Automate America?  Does Automate America Sponsor Work VISA's?

What Should I Pay for Robotics Contractors?

Post your contracts for $75-$110/hour base rate depending on the commonality of the application and the duration.  Include overtime at 1.3 times the base rate and Sunday pay at 1.6 times the base rate to get the best candidates.  If you are in a rural area you will need to add per diem and hotel to cast a wide net.  The typical Per Diem is $65/day.  AA takes a small percentage of the "Hourly Rates" before showing the contract to the marketplace.

What is The Catch?

Free for Manufacturers, Automation Integrators, Service Companies, and Contractors!  No credit cards, no subscriptions, no hidden fees, or extras.  We take a small percentage of the customer bill rate before we show it to the marketplace.

Why Should I Get My Work From AA?

We serve you contracts and eliminate your responsibilities of marketing, sales calls, supplier qualifications, onboarding, invoicing, and chasing late payments (you are paid automatically).  We allow you to choose when you get paid, provide great rates, and have a supportive network of automation professionals that make you feel a part of something big, yet still in full control of your career!  Relax, focus on the automation work that you are good at, and let us handle the B2B headaches.

What Should I Pay for PLC / PAC / HMI / IPC Controls Work?

Post your contracts for $85-$130/hour base depending on the requirements and duration.  Include Overtime at 1.3 times the base rate and Sunday / Double Time at 1.6 times the base rate to get the best candidates.  If you are in a rural area you will need to add per diem and hotel to cast a wide net.  The typical Per Diem is $75/day.  AA takes a small percentage of the "hourly" rate before showing it to the marketplace.

Who Pays Who on Automate America?

The customer posting the contract pays Automate America and the Professionals and Service Partners doing the work get paid by Automate America.  Both sides choose the payment terms they want.  Both sides do business with Automate America.  One intermediary simplifies the B2B process for all!

Do You Sponsor Work VISA's?

Most of the Non-US residents that do work with Automate America have established companies in their country.  We provide a request for services letter.  Sometimes our customers will support you directly.  Never be afraid to apply, if the project does not allow Non-US residents then it will ask during application.

To Good To Be True?

We take a small percentage of the rate the customer posts the contract for, before we show it to the marketplace.  We do not take much because we have automated the back office processes and it does not cost much for us to scale.

What Rate Should I Post My Contract For?

Your contract rate should = the burden rate of an employee in the same position.  What would you pay an employee?  Take that hourly base pay for a direct employee and multiply that by 1.8 times and that will be your hourly contract base rate.  Now an on-demand contractor costs you exactly the same as an employee, just less risk and commitment. The next slide explains burden rates in detail.

How is the Burden Rate Calculated?

Employees are extremely expensive!  The burden rate is the actual rate the employee costs the company and is the suggested rate that you should pay the contractor.  1.8 times base pay is the standard calculation.  Formula = employee pay + the company match for Social Security, FICA, and Medicare, then add Vacation, PTO, Health Insurance, 401K, Uniforms, Tools, Software, Worker's Comp, Computers, etc.  Employee Burden Rate = Hourly Contract Rate

Free Job and Contract Posts & 0 Placement Fees

We make your life easier!  A niche job board for automation professionals and it's free!  Find who you need instantly and eliminate the costly job boards and head hunters, we do that work for free!  90 day Contract to Hire with no placement fees and post your direct jobs worldwide for free.  Our professional profiles are better than resumes and our workflow is better than the high-priced job boards.

Flow of Work on Automate America

1:  Customers post hourly contracts  2: Professionals apply to the contracts with profiles  3: Customers shortlist the professionals they like and get contacts to interview if desired.  4: Customer clicks "hire" on the contractor they want.  5:  Contractor gets one last chance to accept or decline.  6: AA invoices the customer based on approved time sheets.  7:  AA pays the contractor.

What Is The Average Contract Duration?

1 Day "Emergency Service" to 1 Year for long-term engagements.  All contracts list the start date and estimated end date.  The average contract is 3 months.

OEM's and Part Suppliers

Installation of new equipment, maintenance techs on-demand, and upgrades to existing equipment.  Need 1-30 automation professionals next week?  We can help and it will be easy and free!  Hourly Contracts, Contract to Hire and Direct Jobs are all free on Automate America.

Automation Marketplace - Hourly Contracts - On-Demand Professionals & Support

Network of Manufacturers, Automation Companies, and Professionals sharing opportunities and availability.  Post and apply to Hourly Contracts, Contracts to Hire, RFQ/Quote work and direct jobs for free today!  Upfront pay rates, no negotiating, no discrimination just the best automation professionals on demand.