Posting and Applying to RFQ’s on Automate America

Large Automation Projects

These are the contracts that are too big to be tracked hourly.


#1: Forvia needs a new seating assembly line.

#2: BMW needs a new quality system implemented throughout the plant.

#3:  Kuka needs one company to design and simulate the new Ford roof line.

#4:  GE needs a turbine teardown and re-assemble machine.

High-Value Automation Work

Our gift to the network.  Automate America is the marketplace that broadcasts these needs of large automation projects to our registered members.  We do not make money on these opportunities, we just count on you have so much work that you have to contract several engineers from the platform.  Your success is everyone’s success.  These opportunities do not come as often as hourly contracts, but every day more customers realize the value of broadcasting their needs to thousands of qualified suppliers instantly.  When these opportunities do come, they are closed within a day because they have enough applicants to quote the project.  Look for our emails, and check back often, because these opportunities do not last long enough to get emailed out.  This feature of the marketplace brings more work and success to all.

Who We Work With

These are the Manufacturers and Automation Companies that we are Honored to Work With

From large automotive suppliers like Forvia and Magna to huge automation integrators like Legacy Industries, IPTE, Trace Automation, Comau, Valiant TMS and many more respected engineering firms like Castor Consulting, DVS Technosoft,  Hirotec, Koops, MacLean Power Systems, Gosiger, US Engineering, Thyssenkrupp, ABB, KS Controls, Lincoln Electric, Everworks, Deshazo, Flex Robotics, The Esco Group, Difacto, Gammerler Tech, rely on Automate America for the best Automation Contractors.

Relentlessly Enhancing Vehicle Safety

With 14,000 Patents, 150,00 Employees, 77 R&D Centers with 15,000 Engineers Forvia trusts Automate America to supply them with the best automation professionals on-demand at facilities around the US!  We are grateful for your business.

Automation Solutions for Aerospace, Integrations and Machining

Legacy has relied on Automate America for years to supply them with the best design, build, programming, and installation support around North America.  We confidently recommend Legacy Industries in Auburn Hills Mi. for any hi-tech automated solution needs.

Leaders in New Mobility

A Global GIANT - Magna has three core business units, Body Exteriors, Seating, and Energy Storage, and makes parts for almost every OEM.  We are proud to call Magna a top customer of Automate Americas and we are grateful for the repeat business year after year.

Test Systems, Chip Manufacturing, and Factory Automation

26 Years of experience building high-tech automation solutions for customers around the globe!  IPTE is a trusted integrator that we strongly recommend based on extensive collaborations over several years!

Turning Goals Into Success Stories

Nashville automation integrator that has successfully installed quality systems in manufacturing and processing plants around the country.  It is always a pleasure to work on projects with Mr. Williams and his highly skilled team.  Best of luck in 2023 and beyond!

Leaders in Large Scale Automation

Comau is one of our longest-standing customers (since 2003) and they consistently supply Automate America with contracts to work on the coolest new automation technology.  We are extremely appreciative of the cooperative, long-term relationship.  We recommend Comau for any large automotive project.

Intelligent Automation - Smart and Sustainable Factories

An amazing customer that has brought Automate America contracts in Canada, Mexico, and the US since 2006.  Trusted to build complete high-tech factories for the world's largest and most successful manufacturers.

Focused on Industry 4.0 Initiatives -

We are thankful for our affiliation with Castor Consulting and the CEO Mr. Bommarito.  You have introduced us to some of the "coolest" new automation projects in the country.  The team at Castor is like family and is highly recommended.

Sincerity, Modesty and Progress

Complete automation for Stamping, Assembly, and Hemming for the world's largest OEMs.  General Motors Supplier of the year many times over, Hirotec is a good choice for large-scale automation projects.  We are happy to play a role in your success.

Rock Solid Engineering

Plastic Welding, Feeding Systems, Laminating and Wrapping, Edge Scanning, and Challenging Machine Vision applications are always fun projects when working with Koops.  A newer customer, Koops has proven to be an extremely valuable member of Automate America that we are proud to support.

Power Distribution Products

World-class products to keep our power infrastructure performing optimally.  We appreciate the steady work of a great customer who is the leader in the most stable industry in America, Energy Delivery.

National Construction Project Execution Reimagined

Design, Simulate, Build - Authority in large greenfield manufacturing projects.  US Eng. leverages Automate America to flex its workforce when they land new projects.  Why?  because we supply them with experienced professionals on demand and it costs them $0!

Engineering Tomorrow Together

A trusted supplier of the most advanced Battery, Powertrain, Fuel Cell, and Test Systems.  We have been working with TK for over 10 years and we are proud to call them a partner.  Thank you Thyssenkrupp Automation, Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Premier Large Systems Integrator

Customer since our name was "Wallace Automation" in 2003!  ABB has consistently supplied us with the most technical and exciting projects!  Our engineers love working with ABB because they operate with careful planning and precision which leads to success for all stakeholders.

Confront The Limitations

Premier supplier of arc welding, metal fabrication, and assembly line solutions.  Lincoln is a recognized leader in welding and automation.  A market cap of $8.53B means that we are excited for a collaborative future with ticker LECO!

Global Integration Solutions - IIOT and Industry 4.0

With US and overseas operations that can design and simulate the most challenging automation solutions, DVS is a great choice for manufacturers around the world!  We love working with the team and have enjoyed the mutually beneficial partnership for several years.  Thank you, DVS!

Automation and Control System Experts

One of Canada's fastest-growing companies with operations in Ontario, Michigan, North and South Carolina, Everworks is well-positioned to tackle any project on the east coast!  Automate America is proud to help Everworks expand with the top professionals on demand when and where they need them.

Robotic Systems for Advanced Performance

Large Material Handling (Smart Cranes), Assembly, Welding, and Custom One-Off Automation Systems.  Deshazo can design, build and upgrade your most complicated automation processes.  We appreciate the opportunity to work on the specialized solutions that you share with Automate America.

Automation Versatility - 22 Years of Honor Trust

ABB experts but not limited.  Welding, Palletizing, Machine Tending, and Glue Applications.  Flex is a certified integrator strategically located in the central US.  We are thankful to play a role in the expansion and success of one of the nation's greatest engineering teams.

Automation Electrical and Instrumentation (A.E.I.)

With three groups, Automation, Electric, and Power, the Esco group has a team dedicated to your specific need.  Founded in 1964 their experience is vast.  We are proud to support the ESCO Group and to be a part of their wonderful industrial legacy.

Post Press Equipment, Packaging Solutions, Parts and Service

The best compensating stackers, trimmers, and conveying systems specialists for the printing and packaging industry.  We are grateful to work with such an advanced automation company that holds steady to strict values and business ethics.

High Quality, On Time and Reliable Automation Systems

Difacto is an innovative global automation integrator that has systems running hundreds of plants around the world.  Difacto is an amazing customer that brings many opportunities to the Automate America marketplace.  You are appreciated and we wish you continued success.

Tools, Machines, Fasteners, Fittings, Cranes and Lifts

A high-growth, female-owned industrial supplier who we are proud to be associated with.  With specialized team members who have experience with the products they sell.  Automation needs in the south are multiplying quickly and we look forward to a prosperous future together.

Solutions for All Your Manufacturing Needs

Brake Press Automation, Welding, and Material Removal Specialists capable of any custom one-off turnkey automation needs.  It is great to work with a partner who has such a rich history in the automation industry.

Automotive and Agricultural Cabs, Enclosures, and Armoring Kits.

When production stops for the weekend McLaughlin relies on Automate America for machine upgrades and optimization.  From EVs to military parts and assemblies, McLaughlin is a respected and trusted contract manufacturer.

High-Performing Heat Transfer Solutions for Every Industry

World's premier manufacturer of custom and standard heat transfer products.  API leverages Automate America to develop software offline for their engineers to install.  We recommend API from a direct working relationship where they have proven their high quality repeatedly.

Serious Solutions

From machine tending to complete production lines, Gosiger is a trusted automation integrator with over 30 years of experience.  Buy your CNC from them and they will fully integrate it with new machine tending automation technology.