The best thing that has ever happened for business and professional labor! I stand behind that statement 100% and you will also if
you continue reading.

Automate America is a place where every user communicates what they offer and what they need instantly.

Customers now have access to hundreds of engineering firms to quote their work instantly.

Service Companies no longer worry about non-billable bench time for their employees.

Employees who have wanted to go independent but hesitated because of sales, marketing, accounting, and supplier ID
concerns… now can because we handle all of that for free.

Independent Contractors now have a consistent flow of work that gets more abundant every day which gives them the choice to travel
or work locally.

Users can easily find contracts and work in other industries now! We have had opportunities in Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage,
Chemical Processing, Pharmaceuticals, and Aerospace.

Ratings and Reviews assure that all members of the community try their best at all times.

Automate America is the child of our experiences being the employee, the contractor, the service company, the automation systems
company and the machine shop. Many of those stages of our company were failures because we experienced too much nonbillable
time for our engineers and systems work proved to be too inconsistent. We spent more time and money on sales, marketing and
recruiting than we ever made on robot and vision systems. We were paying $5000/month in job boards and spending all of our time
chasing bad opportunities and trying to find employees and contractors. Automate America solves all of those problems for our
user’s so they no longer have to suffer the same pains.

Free business development and recruiting tool. We have turned sales, marketing and recruiting into a free service so that our users
can spend their time and money on their products and services. Job Boards are officially obsolete. We do that for free and save
HR/Recruiting Departments thousands per month.

Automate America is not about the money for me or my team, it is about building a fair community that adds as much value as possible to
our businesses and professionals. When millions of users are on the platform and receiving a lot of value, we will find a way to make a
small percentage on the customers that are receiving the most value.

I believe the goal in life is to expand your reach of positive influence as far as possible and Automate America is the tool that we use.

Automate America gives so much value to the users for free that it is ignorant not to join. Early adopters will always have a slight
advantage over late adopters because they will start gaining ratings and reviews sooner.

We are building the platform completely on user feedback and have new releases weekly.
If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for us to implement, you email me directly at or
call our Troy MI. Office 248-951-2434 or our Greenville SC. Office 864-509-6622.

Thank You for Your Time.
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Tony Wallace