The Utopian Model for Professional Labor and Business:
Utopia, adjective; Modeled on or aiming for a state in which everything is perfect.

Customers would have access to all the people and all the people would have equal access to all the work. The marketplace would function like an open community where all users treated each other like neighbors and lifelong business partners.

A perfect platform for this utopia can only exist in the form of an Online Marketplace / Community with no bias or geographic boundaries.

The platform would facilitate all types of Work: Direct Jobs, Hourly Contracts and Quote Work.

The platform would facilitate all types of Users: Customers, Contract Firms, Independent Contractors and Employees.

Matching Skills and Schedules: Skills needed for the work must be matched with the professionals who have that skill while also considering the timing of the work and the availability to the professional.

Excess Availability Solution: Non-Billable Time is the enemy of all Contract / Project Based businesses. Companies would need to find work for their professionals in between internal projects. The marketplace would need to be able to fill those gaps in work with smaller shorter projects. Saving companies this non-billable burden would be essential for the community and add great efficiency to all businesses. While it is very hard to find employees, there are many employees with nothing to do, that you could contract to get your work done.

Curation and Governance: All would be welcome to join, and the greatest care, compassion and empathy would need to be taken before evicting a member. Everyone makes mistakes and some people just do not work well together but patterns of unsatisfactory work or poor treatment of the professionals would need to be identified and handled as soon as possible.

The greatest challenge would be keeping supply and demand balanced. Users must find work or the professional that they need, if you have to much work or professionals the user’s needs cannot be met.

Customers would be able to communicate their products and services along with their needs and wants in a digital storefront.

Professionals would increase their value (Hourly Rate) by tracking every specific skill they learn, documenting every project and collecting positive customer ratings and endorsements.

Customers would increase their reputation and standing in the community with every completed project as well.
Both customers and professionals would treat each other better and work harder than normal to achieve and maintain ratings and reviews.

The marketplace would match work and candidates instantly to assure that immediate need work was filled in a timely manner.

No Geographic Boundaries: With offsite work, the location of customers and professionals would not matter.

Companies nor Professionals would be able to buy an advantage over the others by “Boosting” work or profiles. Ones’ budget would not determine access or exposure to the community.

The platform would always be under development and new features and functionality would be driven by user feedback and released weekly.

Business and Careers would flourish in this environment.

This Utopian Platform Already Exists