Success in today’s world is dependent on your network:
How big is your industrial network? How organized is it? How accessible is your communication with it? How up to date is your information on your network? We give you access to our extremely well curated network that gets work done!

The most important aspect of your company is your network. Todays businesses must increase their Industrial network as fast as possible to keep up.

Only one open and free online network connects you with professionals, customers, suppliers and work for free,!

When you join, you immediately increase your reach by over 32,000 professionals, 400 contract companies and 1200 customers instantly! is free to all, open and fair.

Fragmented Labor Marketplaces Are Killing American Business!
The current staffing and employment marketplace is fragmented. Companies do not have access to all of the professionals and all of the professionals do not have access to all of the work. When a company gives a “need” to a staffing company, headhunter or recruiter, their work only gets exposure to the network of that company. This limitation means that companies are not getting the best person for the job. We must have open marketplaces that give all customers access to all of the people. On the flip side, all of the people deserve access to all of the work, not just the work from the staffing company that they are working with.

Companies and professionals understand the power of online networks and are adapting them quickly. Automate America operates with a free, fair and open model. Once platforms like these are adopted on a large scale by millions, only then will American Industries become efficient enough to dominate once again.

Maintaining a Healthy Marketplace:
Customers post the work for what they want to pay, we “AA” take a small percentage and then show the work to the community. Customers pay what they feel is fair, professionals get paid exactly what they see! Many marketplaces allow bidding on the work, which always becomes a race to the bottom! We do not want any part of the “Cheapest Wins” marketplace mentality. On AA, customers say what they want to pay, professionals or companies apply to the work and the customer selects the best candidate to do the work.

The Future of Work.
40% of the workforce is already involved in the Gig-Economy. It is the backbone of silicone valley and is responsible for the agility required to build billion-dollar tech companies. This is your first opportunity to take advantage of the Industrial Gig-Economy. The future of work will be on demand, it will be efficient, it will be fair and unbiased and pay will be based on skills and performance. This is the future of work, this is Automate America.

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