Are you a part of the human cloud?
You may very well be and not know it. The ‘human cloud’ is a buzz worthy term defined as the workers, contractors, freelancers, independent workers, consultants, etc, who make up the gig economy.

There are three main subsets that are a part of the human cloud:

Online Staffing Platforms are work arrangements curated through an online marketplace. Relationships are facilitated between workers and business looking for contracted, project, hourly, etc. work.
Online Work Services is a type of online platform where specific services are delivered. The online platform manages the online workers.
Crowdsourcing consists of broken up microtasks. The labor is what’s being bought, not the relationship with the worker.
Automate America falls into the Online Staffing Platform subcategory of the human cloud. AA facilitates work arrangements for a variety of jobs and fields between employee and employer, and advocates for both. Their mission is connecting people with needs to people with wants- and the goal of the gig economy is to match skilled workers with employers who are often frustrated with the lack in skilled labor and traditional hiring and employment processes, and workers frustrated with the lack of control in their lives. Their online marketplace is one made up of workers and hirers. These workers are AA’s own specialized ‘human cloud’, and their skills are suited for a wide selection of occupations and variety of needs. Where AA finds success with gig work is by offering a platform for workers looking to expand their businesses, and for employers who have niche needs to fill on the spot.

The gig economy, and by extensions the human cloud, is an entirely technological based ecosystem and requires online platforms in order to operate. The human cloud thrives through and is built upon technological innovations- and its advantages are best utilized through online platforms. Employers can tap into this on-demand workforce and utilize the human cloud for any and all of their business needs.

While workers in the human cloud are traditionally tasked with small, workable projects broken up from more comprehensive jobs, the term, and the landscape of the economy itself, is expanding to include job opportunities that aren’t just sliced and diced pieces of a whole, but entire contracted jobs. Online platforms like Automate America offer up specialized positions that need filled in the short- or long-term.
?And the gig economy isn’t a passing trend. Millennials aren’t the only generation taking part in this nontraditional work force. The human cloud that compromises the gig economy spans generations and occupations. Traditional jobs are becoming less secure and more prone to issues workers aren’t willing to deal with, especially not when freelancing options are becoming more and more prevalent. Nasdaq predicts that by 2020, 43% of the workforce will be freelance workers. With more and more workers exploring the options the gig economy offers, expanding industries have the opportunity to capitalize on the opportunities, like increased efficiency and output with less overhead, this new model presents.
?To excel in the ever expanding technological sector, an online platform requires two things: flexibility, and agility. Flexibility ensures expansion and growth, and the agility to move on new trends and adapt and evolve in a rapidly developing environment bolsters their chances for success. AA demonstrates flexibility through its ability to cater to more than one type of worker and company, and provides all encompassing services to cater to a diverse clientele. AA is agile enough to follow automation trends- and capitulate on them. Its platform also offers flexibility and agility to the workers and companies that contract through it- precisely through the human cloud community it has curated. Having an expansive selection of workers to choose from affords businesses the flexibility of choice- and they myriad of contracting options allows them flexibility in choosing the best and most efficient way to get that work done.

AA has become a major driver of the gig economy and is leading the way for human cloud based online communities. Through AA’s platform, AA is leading the way in gig based work for automation specialists and eventually everyone.

Most importantly Automate America has found a way to add the employees of our service partners to the human cloud!

When we are all sharing available resources and no company is paying employees for non-billable time, business will be much more efficient, and we will have met our goal.

Engineering Companies, Independent Contractors, Employees, Manufactures and Suppliers can now all benefit from the Human Cloud.