Before technology, people received the news by word of mouth or various types of print media. Now the news is everywhere! It’s on your phone, social media, apps, and any platform or object that has an internet connection. So how are businesses using this technology to improve the efficiency of their platform?

The Influence

Tinder ( is a dating service app used in over 140 countries that allow individuals to network with potential dates based on the user’s location. What makes this app so innovative and addicting is the swipe feature that makes finding matchmaking faster without needing to overthink. This design has opened up doors for companies such as BarkBuddy (, Ship (, and even Youtube ( so that viewers can continue to watch videos nonstop.

In a Reddit thread (, Tinder founder Sean Rad says, “We started Tinder years ago because we had this obsession with breaking down the barriers in meeting people around you…We knew that if we could simply take the fear out of meeting someone, that we could bring people closer together.” How does their business model generate success for all parties that use the app?

The Success

According to the GQ interviews ( with Tinder users, many people see the app as more than just a social dating platform but as a game. Matches provide a self-esteem boost and encourage individuals to continue swiping in hopes of receiving another match. The user also is given the ability to choose who they are interested in and receiving confirmation that they are wanted back by the other user.

Sean was able to show the social value of Tinder to college students looking for ways to connect with more appealing women faster in various locations. It revolutionized dating for the better. Before technology, people dated others in their town. With technology, people match with others many cities away. So how could swiping automation be implemented in the professional world?

Swiping Method in the Professional World

The Automate America ( app uses this swiping method to increase efficiency by saving the professional and manufacturer time and encourage more projects to be done faster. On this platform, both parties promote themselves and communicate to a user viewing their profile their desires or requirements.

Automate America isn’t a dating service, but it has the technology to match make perfect candidates with the right manufacturers in order to ensure a quality project is finished on time on the terms of both parties. It just might make recruiting fun again.