Recently, Automation World did a story on how technology has changed business for the original equipment manufacturer, or OEM.

In the article, Barry-Wehmiller’s new divisions were highlighted as perfect examples of how new business opportunities are being created due to an increase in demand for the packaging and engineering firm’s flex packaging equipment.

The new divisions are BW Integrated Systems and BW Flexible Systems and Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman told Automation World the new divisions will “better position our packaging companies for organic growth, provide more opportunities for our team members and take better care of our customers.”

The bottom line here is that technology in automation continues its rapid evolution and manufacturers have a choice. They can either get caught behind the 8-ball and not act, or they can advance their business narrative and evolve with the technology.

But, in order to do the latter, it takes not only capital for investment, but skilled professionals – something most manufacturers say are in very short supply.

One company working to bridge the gap between those workforce shortage problems and companies finding skilled automation professionals. Automate America has developed a community that allows thousands of professionals and companies to work toward a common goal – getting work done.

“Our business is changing constantly,” said Tony Wallace, CEO of Automate America. “We want to help companies get access to skilled professionals without all the hassle, and give skilled professionals more options for where and when they work.”

At Automate America, contractors can create their professional brand, then search for jobs and work requests while companies can post jobs and work requests … for free.

The goal at Automate America is simple … create a free and fair marketplace for all labor. At Automate America, the belief is professionals and companies deserve more options.