Inconsistency will kill a business. Underutilized departments are the enemy of efficiency and product output. It may be nigh impossible to keep every employee 100% billable and every department 100% consistent- but that’s a service that online platforms like Automate America are bringing in their mission to connect top professionals with work.

It’s no exaggeration that inconsistency can decrease a business’ profit. But for many companies it’s not realistic to keep full time employees for what would only be a particular job with inconsistent or changeable requirements or schedules. The solution: contractors and contract work. One of the great benefits of Automate America is it’s diversity of options which allows for it’s greatest benefit- flexibility. This is what the gig economy was made for and has built upon to booming success. Workers can be found for highly specialized but short term work, for companies that experience seasonal highs and lows, for business’s that need excellent help for intermittent problems, when inevitable emergencies or unexpected problems occur, as a resource during labor shortages, or simply to staff companies that are seeking to grow and expand and don’t want to gamble on traditional staffing or hiring measures that could cause more costs than profit.

If an engineering firm doesn’t have work for one of it’s employees- they can make the professional available on Automate American and make them billable. Automate America isn’t just solving excess work problems- it can provide excess availability solutions in parallel.

Gig economy brain children like Automate America’s online platform brings the supply and the demand.

As a contractor, time is money. It’s a cliche, of course, but the platitude has roots in reality. Non-billable time is generally defined as any work that’s not pure project output. For contractors, non-billable time could be classified as the search for work. That’s time you’re spent not making money doing jobs- and the longer it takes, the more inconsistent your payout is. Automate America helps to cut down on the hours spent just looking for something that you might be qualified to apply for- the platform is a gift of consistency, with a dependable and steady rate of jobs available to conveniently browse.

Manufacturers maximize efficiency with AA, which cuts out laborious negotiations with middlemen, and cuts down on non-billable hours that come with the hassles of onboarding and training new employees- AA supplies the uniquely qualified professional that’s needed. AA further posts the work those qualified professionals are looking for and handles the contracting processes.

Automate America also provides a more efficient way of hiring through their three-month contract-to-hire opportunities. Rather than taking a chance on fully bringing on a brand new employee with no notion of how their experience translates to their new position, or dealing with temp agencies that might produce subpar talent, or, in the case of good talent, have outrageous buy out fees, AA allows for what’s essentially a trial contract period with nothing to lose.

With the advent of automation, it’s good to keep in mind that it’s fairly new territory. Automation has only relatively recently begun it’s renaissance. Automate America saw a dearth in supply for the increasing demands. New technologies brought on with increased automation can revolutionize businesses, but it can also cost them money if they don’t have the proper people to implement and operate them. Automate America can bring specialized forces to each specific need, cutting down on potentially needless and irrelevant training by repurposing employees who might not have the abilities, skills, or desire to grow with the new technology.

Automate American fills both general and niche market needs. There’s money to be saved using the platform itself, and utilizing it to fill gaps and find solutions to inconsistent work. Problems and issues will always occur, but Automate America is a platform that will consistently provide the solutions.