The Best Way to Staff Your New Facility.

Don’t try to hire employees for every position, use Contractors that have ratings and reviews and can hit the shop floor running on day one without the red tape of hiring hundreds of employees.
Automate America is your “Free Contingent Workforce Solution”.
No other platform facilitates employees and contractors for free. Just tell us what you want to pay and we will fill the positions instantly. Call 1-248-951-2434or Email, Register at

How do we fill the positions?
We have the largest and most curated network of contract professionals in the world. Our resources include Our Employees, Independent Contractors and the Employees of over 400 Engineering Firms.

Why We Built the Platform:
To meet your staffing needs better! You need a larger pool of qualified professionals and you need to be confident that you are getting professionals who can do the job. When you have free and instant access to an online marketplace of professionals and suppliers, your work gets done!

How does it work?
Tell us what machines you have coming and how many, we will take care of the rest. Call 1-248-951-2434or Email, Register at

We Post your Contracts and Jobs for what you want to pay for the service. No fees ever!

Assurance of Quality:
We have been in the Global Automation Contract business since 2001.
Our Ratings and Reviews from other customers give you confidence.
When your contractors know that you are going to review them and this it will stick with their profile forever, you can be assured that they will do their best!

Today’s Manufacturing Workplace is much different than 10 years ago:
The startup plant needs different professionals in the first three months than it does once the manufacturing process has stabilized. You should not hire every professional needed in the first three months; you should contract them with a free option to hire those that prove to be indispensable. We make this easy with 0 placement fees after three months.

What makes us different:
We use a combination of in-house engineers, a network of 32,000 advanced manufacturing contractors and 400 engineering firms to fill your needs. We cannot employ every engineer that you need, there are not enough independent contractors to fill all of our your needs and there are not enough good engineers looking for direct jobs and there are not enough engineers at contract firms available to do your work, but when you have access to all of these options, your positions get filled with the best professionals!

The Key to a Successful Plant Launch:
The key to success for any manufacturing startup is retaining the talent that built, programmed and installed their equipment, the people that know your equipment the best. Make the recommended manpower supplier to your equipment suppliers. If the professionals were supplied to the equipment manufacturer by AA, you can easily extend a contract to them or hire them for $0 placement fee!
Give us a list of the equipment that you have ordered and your manpower plan / organization chart, and we will serve you with the exact professionals that know your machines!

Uber, Amazon, Zillow, Angie’s List and Air B and B are two-sided marketplace networks have revolutionized our lives. Finally, a version for Manufacturers. A network that cuts the red tape and makes it easier to get work done,

Maintaining a Healthy Marketplace:
Customers post the work for what they want to pay, we “AA” take a small percentage and then show the work to the community. Customers pay what they feel is fair, contractors and suppliers get paid exactly what they see! Many marketplaces allow bidding on the work, which always becomes a race to the bottom! We do not want any part of that “Cheapest Wins” marketplace mentality. On AA, customers say what they want to pay, professionals or companies apply to the work and the customer selects the best to do the work.

This is the Future of Work.
40% of the workforce is already involved in the Gig-Economy. It is the backbone of silicone valley and is responsible for the agility required to build billion-dollar tech companies. This is your first opportunity to take advantage of the Industrial Gig-Economy. Contract On-Demand. Scale without the overhead. cuts the red tape and is your one stop shop for all professional contractors and employees! Channel the power of contract labor that you can hire for free!

Tell us what you need, and we will make it happen!
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Success in todays world is all about your network. How big is your network? How organized is it? How accessible is your communication with it? How up to date is your information on your network? We give you access to our extremely well curated network that gets work done!