A ‘Main Automation Contractor’, aka MAC, operates as a comprehensive system responsible for the entire life cycle of an automation project. MACs provide a central point of contact for a project and assume all of the responsibilities related to the management of their specific project. Their duties include, but aren’t limited to: planning, resourcing, product and worker selection, assembling, systems integration, implementation, final execution, and support services. Most of the top automation industries employ MACs in their own companies. MACs are successful because they provide a total solution.

A client who is forced to assemble the individual components of a project themselves, let alone numerous projects that may need completed simultaneously, takes on unnecessary risks and creates the potential for a variety of issues throughout the project’s lifecycle: messy and incomplete work from underperforming contractors; a disjointed final product, lacking a fully integrated system; inconsistent work products and timetables; time and money lost searching through dead end options; impartiality of assuming total responsibility and management of multiple projects on top of other job duties. MACs eliminate the myriad of frustrations a client encounters tackling large scale projects on their own. Clients can trust MACs to be the single point of responsibility and accountability for their projects. MACs, like Diverse Automation, will come with industry experience, knowledge, and expertise tailor made for the client’s unique project and needs. When a project is commissioned by a client and a MAC is appointed, the MAC takes point and subcontracts all of the individual project pieces using their insider industry insight to objectively select the best components customized to the specific project.

Automate America is the software MACs use to get their work done.

With Diverse Automation as the MAC powered by Automate America, customers are spared the unnecessary pains of dealing with contractors and suppliers- the customer contracts with the MAC, and the MAC deals with the workers, contractors, and suppliers. And with Automate America as the software to get the work done, customers are guaranteed that the highest quality resources are being utilized. Diverse Automation as the MAC delivers increased efficiency, cost savings, optimization, and risk mitigation through their use of Automate America.

MACs are simply a superior way of executing automation projects, and Automate America is a superior resource for a MAC.