The best online platforms enable communication and connection that might not have otherwise occurred. The best ones accomplish this by providing access to all of the work. Most industries operate on a fragmented network, to the detriment of customers. If work is only shared in small, closed networks, employees lose the chance to break into their industry, and businesses lose the chance to be more selective when hiring.

Less is not always more. Companies should always strive to recruit the very best candidates. But there’s nothing more stagnant than a limited sphere of choice. The same rings true for job seekers. Think about it- do you as a business want potentials applying only because they can’t find anything else? Or is the goal to cultivate an interested and eager hiring base with the specific skills you need? For potential employees- what are your chances of finding a fulfilling career if the job search process is overtly arduous and difficult?

Success boils down to a numbers and efficiency game. More variety leads to greater options, which allows companies increased selectivity. An efficient platform that provides access to all of the available work draws a greater number of potential employees, which feeds the companies wider selection.

Established conventions see opportunities squandered through customers only working with a limited pool of approved suppliers who aren’t interested in sharing the work. If the type of work can’t be completed, it won’t get done.
On Automate America, a customer posts the work and it’s shared with hundreds of thousands of potentials. With a wider selection that can fulfill any niche need, the work will never go unfinished.

When a customer has a need, they share it with their selection of limited suppliers. If the need is to niche, or doesn’t match with the abilities of their limited roster, the customer loses out.
Automate America connects customers with professionals who specialize in nearly any need, however niche. And with access to a wide pool of potential hires, the likelihood of finding a match with regards to hours, schedules, skills, and experience increases exponentially.

If a customer is in the market for a new programmer, they waste their time calling ten or more companies struggling to find the perfect match, and with such limited resources to pull from, the odds are against them finding their perfect match. Likewise, nine companies waste time and resources attempting to secure that contract.
On Automate America, a customer posts the work on AA’s online platform and hundreds of engineering firms can instantly apply, saving both the customer and company time.

An automated platform like Automate America ensures there’s no shortage of jobs or workers. Automate America brings the work to all parties and streamlines the process for maximum efficiency.