We Bring You The Work!

We do the sales and marketing for you;

We give you access to the work from the world’s largest automation companies and manufacturers! We manage the customer and handle the accounts receivable collections!

Focus on being the best at what you do, leave the other tedious back office work to us!

Need to be paid sooner? We will pay you in as little as two weeks!

Our Roots:
AutomateAmerica.com was founded in 2001 by an Independent Contractor / Industrial Robot Programmer and has operated with Independent Contractors since the start. 1200 contracts completed. We know contracting and we know Industrial Automation.

Maintaining a Healthy Marketplace:
Customers post the work for what they want to pay, we “AA” take a small percentage and then show the work to the community. Customers pay what they feel is fair, you get paid exactly what you see! Many marketplaces allow bidding on the work, which always becomes a race to the bottom! We do not want any part of that “Cheapest Wins” marketplace mentality. On AA, customers say what they want to pay, professionals or companies apply to the work and the customer selects the best to do the work

Building Your Company:
Are you an independent that has ambitions to grow! Do you want to have your own employees and products? We facilitate that dream! We bring you the contracts so that you can easily hire professionals to do the work that you find on AutomateAmerica.com. We want to help all Independent Contractors turn into Service Partners “Contract Companies” that contract in when they are busy and out when they are slow. Your success is our mission.

Not an Independent Contractor Yet?
Have you always wanted more independence BUT…..
You knew it would be hard to meet customers long payment terms
You knew that large manufacturers would not do business directly with an individual
You hate bookkeeping and collecting money from customers that always pay late!
You do not want half of your time to be spent on sales
You do not want half of your profits spent on marketing.
We will guide you every step of the way. This is the opportunity that you have been waiting for!

You just want to be the best at your job and get paid what you deserve. We facilitate your dream and handle these monotonous details for you!

Retire Early and enter the Gig-Economy.

Start your own Engineering Firm today!

The Uber of Industrial Automation / The Angie’s List of Advanced Manufacturing, free to both sides and with a much higher percentage of the pay goes to the professionals!

Our Independent Contractors are Highly Valued Members of the Community. We promise to constantly increase the number of contracts and to continually develop new features and functions that add value to you. We promise to always make decisions for the marketplace governance that add the most value to you, the ones doing the work!

We cut all of the red tape and make it easy for you to be a contractor!

Eventually we will stop allowing new contractors into the community and you will be a part of a highly advantaged group.

Success in todays’ world is dependent on your network:
How big is your network? How organized is it? How accessible is your communication with it? How up to date is your information on your network? We give you access to our extremely well curated network that gets work done!

You understand the Gig Economy and value of being able to contract in and out on demand with confidence, you understand the value of Automate America!

To Get Started:
Register at www.AutomateAmerica.com