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Instant Access to:
Project Managers / Launch Managers / Mechanical Designers / Simulation / Controls Designers / Electrical Engineering / PLC/PAC Programming / HMI/Displays / Robot Programming / Machine Tool Builders and Machine Tool Electricians.

Contractors and Employees!

Contract to Hire with No Placement Fees!

We can fill your positions with vetted professionals from around the country and offer the assurance of ratings and reviews.

We save you all the job board costs and the staffing fees because we facilitate those needs for free.
Contract the professionals that you need for three months. If they are a fit for your culture, then you can hire them for free or continue the contract. Either way, the final burden (cost of worker) will be about the same, whether you employee them or contract them.

We have automated the process and do not require the extra costs associated with traditional staffing.
Our margin is closer to 10%, not the typical staffing fee of 40%!

What you can expect to pay:
The burden cost of an employee is typically 1.6 times their base pay rate (payroll taxes, health care, vacations etc.). Example $30/Hour = $48/Hour Burden.
We ask that you set your contract rate to 1.7 times their base pay rate ($51). This means that the contractor will receive ($48/Hour) just as much as they would as an employee, they just swap the benefits for the extra pay for the first three months and deduct all off all of their expenses. will take the other 10%. This is a good Approximate Example.

We require all contractors to incorporate so that there is no question of contractor/employee definition. These workers are suppliers to
We have consulted with the nation’s top labor attorneys and we work with the local and national SHRM organization to make sure that we stay compliant with the latest legal judgments and regulations.

The Future of Work:
40% of the workforce is already involved in the Gig-Economy. It is the backbone of silicone valley and is responsible for the agility required to build billion-dollar tech companies. This is your first opportunity to take advantage of the Industrial Gig-Economy. Contract On-Demand. Scale without the overhead.

Our Roots: was founded in 2001 by an Independent Contractor and has operated with Independent Contractors since the start. 1200 manufacturing related contracts have been successfully completed. We know HR, Contracting and we know Industrial Automation.

Why Did We Create
We built AA to help you with manpower, contract and direct employees. We know that job boards and traditional staffing solutions do not work because there are not enough good skilled professionals looking for work to fill your needs. You needed a bigger pool to choose from, you need access to Independent Contractors and Employees from other Service Companies to get your work done. We give you instant access to all three pools of candidates. The professionals that you need are out there and are looking for work, they are just not all out of work people looking for direct jobs. You know as well as we do, if a professional with lots of experience is out of work and looking for a job, there is a good reason and you do not want to hire them. We give you access to those that are employed with contract companies but do not currently have a project to bill their time to and we give you access to those independent contractors that are more than happy to take on your contract work and would love a good offer to work inhouse for the right company.

We Understand:
We understand your contingent work force needs because we have been a service company contracting automation professionals to 300 customers since 2001.
We know your direct employee needs and have 18 years of experience supplying customers with Contract to Hire Employees with 0 placement fees.

Success in todays’ world is dependent on your network:
How big is your network? How organized is it? How accessible is your communication with it? How up to date is your information on your network? We give you access to our extremely well curated network that gets work done!

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