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We built Automate America to solve your number one problem – Non-Billable / Bench Time for your employees. When you do not have work for your professionals, apply them to work on and get them billable!

We understand your business and have the solution to your problems.

The ups and downs of contract work is very hard to manage, we help by giving you two options:
Contract-In: When you are busy and all of your employees are working, you cannot grow the company. Now you can with instant access to qualified contractors! Take on more work even when you are at full capacity.
Contract-Out: When you do not have work for a specific employee with a specific skill set, simply apply them to work on and get them working instantly!
Looking for new company wide projects? We often have large projects for you to Hard Quote as well.

Why did we build Automate America?
We know what it takes for you to be profitable. You need easy access to the right contractors on demand. You needed access to more qualified professionals in more locations. We were a contract engineering firm and understand how hard it is to manage the ups and downs of contract work – the big job that ends suddenly, the huge request that you do not have the manpower with the right skills to fulfill and most importantly when you have employees that are not billing their time to a customer. We understand your manpower and the struggle to keep them billable. We know that if you hire every professional that you need, you eventually will not need them and will have to lay them off or pay for their non billable time and lose all of the profit that you made on their time. Automate America was built to solve your manpower problems by bringing you work for those non billable employees and by supplying you with the contractors needed to fill your customers’ requests when you do not have the right professionals on the bench. We built Automate America to serve you better.

Maintaining a Healthy Marketplace:
Customers post the work for what they want to pay, we “AA” take a small percentage and then show the work to the community. Customers pay what they feel is fair, you get paid exactly what you see! Many marketplaces allow bidding on the work, which always becomes a race to the bottom! We do not want any part of that “Cheapest Wins” marketplace mentality. On AA, customers say what they want to pay, professionals or companies apply to the work and the customer selects the best to do the work.

Value Proposition:
We do the sales and marketing for you; we manage the customer and handle the accounts receivable work! Focus on being the best at what you do, leave the other work to us!
No more Job Boards! Job and Contract Posts are always free on! Indeed and Zip would charge $10,000/Month for a national post in every city, gets you better exposure to more qualified professionals for free!
Decrease your non-billable time!

Save on Hiring Direct Employees:
Do you need hire more inhouse employee’s right now? Contract to Hire with $0 Placement free for any professionals. Test them out for three months before you hire a person that may not be a long term fit for your culture. Any experienced professional can give a great interview, but it takes three months to see if they truly fit your culture.

Commitment to our Service Partners:
You are the most valuable members of the community because of your need to contract in and out simultaneously. You are the users that receive the most value from Automate America and we focus all software development on adding more value to you. We will be your resource management tool that completely automates your back office. Not all professionals want to be independent contractors, most want to be stable employees at great companies like yours. We will help enable your growth of direct employees as much as possible with free direct job post and recommending professionals to your company.
Eventually we will stop allowing new service partners into the community and you will be a part of a highly advantaged group.

Success in todays’ world is dependent on your network:
How big is your network? How organized is it? How accessible is your communication with it? How up to date is your information on your network? We give you access to our extremely well curated network that gets work done!

You understand the Gig Economy and value of being able to contract in and out on demand with confidence, you understand the value of Automate America!

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