Excess, or surplus, doesn’t only manifest as physical things. Companies can have an overabundance of time and availability for their billable employees without the work to fill it up. Automate America bridges the gap for companies and business seeking out billable work for these employees and compiles the work for them on their online marketplace. Work is the demand- and Automate America has the supply.

Holding resources that aren’t being utilized to their fullest potential is detrimental to both the companies and their employees. Companies waste valuable skills, and the available employees can find their job satisfaction and interest waning while waiting for work. Companies further stand to lose good employees to other businesses who can promise more consistent work, which leads to greater career growth and development. The best employees, the kind that businesses fight to retain, aren’t satisfied sitting on the sidelines. AA accomplishes these contractual meet cutes without the hassles or price gouging of recruitment agencies or difficult to navigate platforms.

Through it’s online marketplace, Automate America offers unprecedented access to job opportunities that can fulfill an employers need to find billable work for their employees and satisfies the employees need for work. Along with solving excess availability issues, AA offers companies and their employees the chance to expand their networks within their industry and community. AA can help companies get noticed within their sphere of influence, and contracting out skillful engineers through AA is a boon to companies driven and smart enough to find work for their billable employees. Contracting out available employees, companies are essentially loaning out ambassadors of their brand. The impact word of mouth can have shouldn’t be underestimated for expanding and bolstering a businesses range and image, and their workers can spread the word about how great or exemplary the company is.

Workers are tangible assets for a business. For them to be utilized in the most efficient fashion is advantageous for any company who’s looking to output more than they intake- and billable employees with no work to bill their time to are a wasted resource. Next level and forward thinking companies know that wasting resources is tantamount to losing money- and it’s a crime to let billable employees waste away when there’s a platform that can help activate and maximize productivity. AA has the platform to back companies in all their contracting needs. And with shortages of skilled labor, there’s plenty to find on their platform. Companies become traders of precious assets- they have skilled employees, occasionally, to spare. Their capital is bolstered by participating in innovative and cutting edge technologies and platforms like AA.

Businesses are weighed on their ability to produce goods and product. Why let valuable employees wither when there’s work, and growth, to be had?

AA also offers benefits to companies who don’t have excess availability. The platform offers more work for enterprising businesses and employees when they don’t have that availability, by allowing them to contract in.

Successful start ups like Airbnb deal in excess by connecting peoples needs with other’s wants. It’s the basic premise all online based marketplaces operate on. AA fulfills that premise for both businesses and their workers and their potential employers through it’s comprehensive platform. AA’s innovation lies in it’s ability to fill more than one sided needs- the platform connects multiple parties together, and fulfills everyone’s needs through the process. Facilitating connections is necessary to fulfilling needs, which is necessary for keeping a business running, which is crucial for accomplishing goals and ultimately increasing profit and prosperity. AA promotes this important step with ease and simplicity. If you find your business wanting for work, or if you find your business wanting for workers, AA is the place to find it all.