Free and Simple – the largest open network of industrial suppliers and contractors.

We welcome all of your existing suppliers and make it easier and more efficient for you and them to engage in business.

We have 32,000 automation professionals and 400 engineering firms in our system ready for your work.

We cut the red tape between you and your suppliers. We have simplified the process, automated it and have made it more profitable for both you and the supplier.

Other Contingent Workforce Solutions “CWFS” :
Other platforms require adoption by your team and suppliers. Almost every other CWFS requires training, software, updates, supplier training, memberships, monthly payments and constant oversite. Some CWFS even require that you pay them to be onsite at your facility every day! None of this is required with Automate America. Call or email us what you want, we will put in the work request and you will get a rate sheet and applicants within minutes! Send us a PO and that’s it!

How do we make our money?
We take a small percentage of what you want to pay for the service before we show the work request to the suppliers. You nor the suppliers ever pay any fees or memberships etc..

Quotes, Rate Sheets, Time Sheets, Expense Reports and Invoices are all automated in the free app!

Contracting is easy, but historically companies have complicated it and made things much more expensive than they need to be.

A Disruptive Advantage for You!
This is a new and disruptive solution that will give you a huge financial and efficiency advantage over those still using traditional systems.

Suppliers Choose Their Payment Terms!
We also offer built in Supplier Financing that allow suppliers to choose their payment terms! Suppliers can get paid in two weeks, no matter what your net payment terms to us are.

Why Did We Create
We understand your contingent work force needs because we have been a service company since 2001 and have used almost every CWFS. We have also been in your position, we were an automation systems company and we have used CWFS to manage the contractors that we used. We have never found a system that truly understood our needs or our customers. We know that your current system is too expensive and that your suppliers do not appreciate the middleman who adds no value. We give you one supplier for all of your manpower needs, contract and direct employees.

Happy Successful Suppliers!
Your suppliers will not complain if you make your contingent work force solution, they will love you for it. Profitable suppliers are happy suppliers, happy supplier serve you better!

Success in todays’ world is dependent on your network:
How big is your network? How organized is it? How accessible is your communication with it? How up to date is your information on your network? We give you access to our extremely well curated network that gets work done!

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