Unique and pioneering in it’s vision of establishing automation based gigs on a singular online platform, Automate America isn’t too niche to disqualify itself from growing as a job starting powerhouse. AA is out to serve the population, whatever facet you’re a part of. Independent and freelance, company or corporation based- there’s opportunity on the quickly expanding internet based marketplace.

AA caters to four main user subsets:

Customers, aka the manufacturers, automation systems builders, MAC’s main automation contractors
Employees, aka the ready made available force of experts and professionals eager for direct jobs to settle down in
Independent Contractors and Freelancers, aka the self-employed and endlessly motivated
Contract Companies and Services Partners, aka the companies that are looking to contract out their professionals by the hour
These four main user subsets can find four types of work:

Hourly Contracts
Any work to be done for an hourly rate, with or without expenses. Hourly work pays you for the actual number of hours you work, which means overtime and double time is available.

Contract to Hire
3 month contracts with the opportunity for full time hire.
Quote Work
Jobs that the employer wants quoted and completed for a set price. These can be onsite or offsite gigs.
Direct Jobs
Direct hiring jobs with W2 opportunities.

Independent contractors are primed to grow their businesses through the hourly contracts and quote work AA offers. Hourly work guarantees that your value is being compensated, with overtime for extra effort. The benefit for self starters is the option to define the parameters of how much you do- with exponential growth potential. Professional profiles can be diversified through versatile gigs or streamlined by taking specialized jobs and accumulating a precise reputation in a particular territory.

Employees who opt for a more traditional business profile benefit from AA’s contract to hire and direct job opportunities. Contract to hire are 3 month contracts that can give both employers and their potential hires the option to feel out if the work and work culture are beneficial fits and to build their professional profiles. It’s a less gruesome alternative to temp work that can be random, unspecialized, and fruitless in the pursuit of accomplishing career and skill goals and growth.

Whatever type of work is desired, the jobs available on Automate America are varied enough to be challenging and career expanding, and specific enough to be fulfilling and specialized.