Finding that perfect match made in heaven between industrial engineers and manufacturers has become more of a complex game of chess than a walk in the park. When time means money, nobody has time to play a long, strategic game of finding a skilled candidate to employ. Here are six ways you can bypass all the recruiting pitfalls and get ahead of your competitors.

Avoid Fragmented Marketplaces

If you hire a staffing company, head hunter, or recruiter you will be limited to their small network of professionals and you will face extremely high placement fees that reach in excess of 30 percent of the professionals one-year salary!

If you post your job on Indeed or Zip Recruiter who have been buying and selling resumes to each other for years, even the most basic candidate information such as email and phone number will be outdated.

Today’s online platforms like Upwork, Workmarket, and Automate America ensure that you are getting the most up to date candidate information for every category by using live profiles. These platforms also show past professional work and customer reviews after each engagement to ensure you could find an ideal candidate.


The main goal when hiring for a specific job is to find a candidate with experience in that position. However, we don’t live in a world where everyone is truthful about their skills. According to HireRight’s 2017 ( employment screening benchmark report, 85% of employers caught applicants using resumes that represented them falsely.

Instead of trying to learn how to tell if a candidate is lying to you, use an application tracking system or ATS. An ATS is a digital database that goes through all of the candidate’s records and résumé to determine if he or she fits the company’s needs or not. Also, if the résumé contains false information, the ATS will notify the company. There are many paid ATS systems available, but provides this service 100% free.

Find the Source

The manufacturing industry has contained a negative image to younger generations, which has also affected the amount of STEM talent in high schools. Gerald Shankel (, the President & CEO of the Foundation of Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, states that 52% of all teenagers said they have no interest in a manufacturing career. Two-thirds of the 52% believe that manufacturing positions are labor-oriented that require minimal skill and offer minimal opportunity.

Unfortunately, perfect candidates don’t grow on trees, but you can find the sources that produce them. With a simple Google search, you can figure out which pool of incoming engineering graduates to target by simply researching the ranks ( of the best engineering schools. USA News also gives you the option to filter specialties including aerospace, automotive, and mechanical engineering to figure out which source of young candidates will work best for you.

The future is open marketplaces where engineering professionals have access to all of the work, the employers have access to all of the employees, and contractors. The future is efficient, fair and unbiased, the future is

Market Yourself as a Top Destination

You need a candidate, but do they need you? What does your company offer that gives workers that “wow factor” and intrigues them into applying for your position opening? Wages, projects, location, hours, and benefits that you offer to employees might explain what draws in potential workers. All these selling points could be useless if you are sporting a poor company image that workers won’t want to be associated with.

It’s important to communicate with your potential candidates on what their projects will look like, when they get paid, and if they are an independent contractor or employee. The more direct you are, the more chances the perfect candidates will choose to fill your position opening.

Whether this perfect candidate is meant to fill a long-term or short-term need for the company, make sure they want to be a part of the project. The use of different types of media ( could produce the “wow factor” for candidates to see visually what kinds of projects they would work during their time with the company. Your online presence needs to be efficient and you need to keep up with online store fronts and profiles on sites like LinkedIn and These storefronts are index able by Google so more people will see them than just the communities. Automate is a great free marketing tool that can be used to attract candidates with new features and functions.

Find a Third Party to Help You

Contract firms are a great resource to acquire skilled-workers without needing to do the work yourself. These temporary workers work under a contract with the ability to become employees of the company. This no-strings-attached method conducts services that are effective as Human Resources departments at a lower price. is a prime resource for manufacturers to find perfect temporary workers who are trained in robot programming, PLC programming, vision programming, production support / maintenance, and tradesmen work. This effective platform offers cost savings of no placement fees so that professional gets paid more, the customer pays less, and the engagement success rate increases exponentially.

Post Your Job on a Platform That Suits Your Industry

It’s one thing to have an amazing offer with multiple benefits for the worker. However, if the offer is not noticeable, then you will never find the perfect candidate. To save money and time when posting your job on a platform, make sure that it suits your industry. These platforms can vary from Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and Monster but they work at a basic level for the general industry. However, if you’re looking for a worker that specializes in manufacturing or engineering, you need to use niche platforms such as Automate America is a B2B software platform that provides a space for professionals and businesses to engage in contractual agreements faster by bypassing recruiters or employment agencies. This platform efficiently supplies companies with a large pool of highly-trained engineers located in the U.S and foreign countries.