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It does not make sense to hire a professional when you can contract them for 90 days then hire them for free with no placement fee!  How many times have you hired someone with a great resume who interviewed great but turned out horrible!  Do not take that risk anymore!  If you contract any of our professionals, you can end the contract at any time, if you do not feel the professional is performing in any way.  Eliminate all risk and choose contract to hire professionals from Automate America.  If you need employees, no other options make sense.  You will pay Automate America until you hire the professional.  No need to track 1099’s.


Post your RFQ’s here.  If you need a large project quoted, we have over 400 engineering firms waiting for your opportunity who will get your request the instant that you post it.  Share only the basic details until you shortlist the firms that you want to quote the work.  You will work directly with the automation firms once they apply to your project.


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